A Plan to Drown the Ceiriog Valley


It’s a hundred years since the plan to drown an extensive part of the Ceiriog Valley failed. In 1923, the intention was to create a supply of fresh water for Warrington and St. Helens by building two massive reservoirs and on Saturday, 15th July 2023 an exhibition was opened in the Ceiriog Memorial Institute, which traces the history. Bryn Hughes (Chairman) and Robert Jones have done some thorough research work over the last few months to collect information from that time and Sylvia and Trevor Jones, Tregeiriog have created a very impressive exhibition, which was opened by Huw Ceiriog, an ex-employee of the National Library (retired) and a native of the valley. Huw mentioned in his witty speech that creating an exhibition about something that didn’t happen was quite an achievement but, of course, we are celebrating the fact that the campaign against this plan was so remarkably successful. The hall (and the museum) will be open every Saturday up to, and including, September 16th (1.00-4.00pm). Alternatively, for interested groups, the caretaker, Adrian Richards, may be able to open the hall at other convenient times, which can be arranged by telephoning him on 01691 718076.

The exhibition reminds us of a time when we came within a whisker of losing a large part of our beautiful valley. We would have lost thirteen thousand acres (about five miles in length and about a third of the valley), three villages, eighty-two homes, two schools, two pubs, two post offices, six shops, two cemeteries, a church and five chapels. Who knows how the lives of the residents at the time, and our environment today, would have been affected had this controversial scheme come to fruition?

So, come over to the Ceiriog Valley to see the beauty of the area at first hand and to fully appreciate exactly what would have been lost – a part of our country that someone no less than David Lloyd George described as “a little bit of heaven on earth “. Indeed, as well as the exhibition, there are lots of other treasures to marvel at in the hall and the museum. You won’t be disappointed.

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