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BASIC CHRONOLOGY OF HOLT                                                                     © Holt Local History Society 2017
Holt has a rich tapestry of history which has only been partially recorded. There are still many undiscovered features and stories to tell as the years reveal their treasures.
Below are just a few of the major events taken from our list of 120.

Late Neolithic to Bronze Age.

Two cinerary urns containing cremated burial remains, an incense cup and a food vessel all found at one location adjacent to the Roman site north of Holt.

AD 75 Roman Tile & Pottery Factory

The Holt Depot in Brick Kiln, Hilly and Wall Lock fields initially served the legionary fortress at Chester.

There is evidence of a high status residence, barracks, large kiln complex, double stack kiln,, pottery workshops and bathhouse. Examination of the pottery and coins indicates it was working between 85AD and 135AD (Ward 1998). Later materials indicate further activity.
This site was chosen because of the availability of raw materials (clay, water and firewood) and transport by river and road.  Buildings were constructed from the local red sandstone.

1282 John de Warenne

Edward l awarded Bromfield (including Holt) & Yale to the 7th Earl of Surrey on 7th October, and commanded him to build the castle.

1308 Holt Castle’s likely completion date

Referred to in documents in 1311, mentioning its probable existence 3 years earlier.

A strong pentagonal structure with 5 round towers aloft a stone outcrop within a quarry, having its eastern side along the River Dee. From the castle’s entrance, two bridges linked by the central Exchequer tower, spanned the deep moat to reach an outer gatehouse on top of the northern cliff of the quarry. This gave access to both village and main routes.

1338 Holt’s Medieval Bridge

Building began in 1338 and is said to have been completed in 1345. This date is from a stone above the Lady’s arch that Pennant refers to during his travels in 1754.

1647 Civil War – Holt Castle Falls

Being one of the last 2 castles in Wales to fly the King’s flag (the other was Harlech), Sir Richard Lloyd surrendered to Colonel Pope of the Parliamentarians on 13th January, following a 9 month siege.

1884/91 Holt loses corporation status

1884 last mayor of the Borough, William Harrison.

1884 Last Court session held on Oct 14th.

1885 Last meeting of the corporation April 27th.

1886 Holt corporation dissolved March 25th.

1887/8 H G Wells

Taught at Holt academy, but left on medical advice after having his kidney ruptured in a local match by Edward, brother of the famous Welsh footballer Leigh Roose.

1908-1915 Roman Tile & Pottery

Mr T Acton excavated Holt’s large Roman Tile works site just north of the Village

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