Industrial Innovation


For centuries the region's economy was driven by mineral extraction and the manufacturing of goods.  The Romans mined lead at Halkyn and produced tiles, bricks and pottery at their fabrica at Holt.  "Gwespyr Sandstone" was quarried and used for building works across the region, and beyond.  The extraordinarily varied initiatives centred on the Greenfield Valley from the 18th century – ranging in focus from copper to cotton – are justifiably mentioned as an exemplar of the Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, the North Wales Coalfield provided an underpinning for communities across the region which was just as all-pervading as its more famous counterpart in the south.  Other important industries included iron and steel works at places such as Bersham and Shotton, brick works and potteries at places such as Buckley and Ruabon and aeroplane manufacture (including the Vickers Wellington) at Broughton.  All of these industries drew workers from far afield, influencing the cultural diversity of the region.

Image: Courtesy of Coral Hansom