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    Wireless in Wales Vintage Radio Museum

    Wireless in Wales Vintage Radio Museum in Denbigh, in common with many other museums and other voluntary organizations is currently closed until spring 2021 at the earliest.

    In order to keep the museum visible, we are producing a series of online Zoom talks which some of you may have attended. We have a variety of speakers and all production work is done in house free of charge by our volunteers. At Wireless in Wales we would like to extend this service to as many organisations as possible. To further this plan, we have created an external group which we have called "Cwmulus", we have given it this unique name as it conveys the idea that our Zoom talks are on-line, in the cloud, and in both languages.

    Would you like to become part of this group which will hopefully keep as all visible in the current pandemic? There is no charge for our services, all talks will be circulated amongst all members for onward distribution to their own organisation. All we ask is that if possible, and there is no obligation on anyone, members could suggest speakers who would be willing to present on Zoom. Talks can be in English or in Welsh and it is an opportunity to promote your group to a wide audience as all events are public events.

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