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    North East Wales Heritage Forum project starting January 2024

    'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside'

    Some of you may be aware that, in 2022, North East Wales Heritage Forum were donated a large collection of postcards, original glass negatives and family photographs relating to the late Edwardian photographer J T Burrows, who was based in Prestatyn and whose work features the town and surrounding area. The postcard collection is extensive and of high quality, but the albums of family photographs are equally interesting, giving a fascinating insight into Edwardian life for a well-known Prestatyn family.


    Image of J.T Burrows' premises in Prestatyn                            Just some of the albums in the collection

    We wanted to digitise and catalogue this unique collection and give the local community and visitors to the area the opportunity to see the wonderful images that evoke Prestatyn in its Edwardian glory but recognised that we did not have the resources to do this ourselves. We are delighted to have been awarded a grant of £13,000 from Gwynt y Mor Community Fund that we will use to employ a freelance digital archivist to catalogue and scan the collection and a community heritage specialist who will work with local schools, community groups and volunteers on our behalf.


    The digitised photos will be used to trigger memories gathering in the town. Prestatyn schools will be given opportunities to be involved, looking at how Prestatyn has changed by comparing old photographs with present day views and we will ensure that each school has a set of digital photos to use in their teaching in future years.

    Can anyone identify the below locations and events?


    The best images will be used to make local and online exhibitions, including a portable exhibition that will tour a range of venues across the area so that they can be seen by both locals and visitors. We will also feature highlights of the collection on our own website ( and the People’s Collection website and share images on our social media.

    Once the collection is digitised and catalogued it will be deposited in the North East Wales Archives where it will be cared for permanently but will still be available to the public for viewing and research and for future education use and tourism initiatives.

    We are looking for volunteers to help us undertake research to understand the context of the collection and identify the locations of the photographs. Already one of our members has identified his own house in Caerwys on one of the photographs! We are sure that anybody with a knowledge of Prestatyn and the surrounding area will be fascinated by the collection and will be able to identify many of the other images.

    If you or your group would like to be involved please contact Heather Williams by e-mail on or telephone 01824 704998.